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  1. Bonus Episode: Ask Martina Anything — Your Listener Questions Answered

    In this special episode, we answer your most burning questions about the Duolingo Spanish Podcast! Listen as host and executive producer Martina Castro takes you behind the scenes of this one-of-a-kind podcast — with a little help from some friends. And for those listeners who asked about starting your own podcast (there were a lot of you!), Martina recommends these resources:,, and

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  2. Episode 57: La vida en los tiempos del coronavirus (Life in the Time of Coronavirus)

    Like many others around the world, Spanish speakers on both sides of the Atlantic have responded to the coronavirus pandemic with exceptional acts of courage and kindness. In this special episode, we’ll hear stories of people who have stepped up to serve their communities with creativity, ingenuity, and solidarity. We dedicate this episode to the global community of front line workers who have worked tirelessly to keep others safe.

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  3. Episode 56: Tejiendo un legado (Weaving a Legacy)

    In El Salvador, waist loom weaving is a revered craft, historically undertaken by women — until Ronald Vega had to take over the job from his sick mother, becoming the first man in his family, and his country, to practice this ancestral technique.

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