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  1. Episode 17: En scène avec Jacques Brel (In the Spotlight with Jacques Brel)

    Arnaud Askoy has already had three different careers when, at age 43, he discovers his true calling: singing. But not his own music. Arnaud plans to launch a career impersonating Jacques Brel, one of the world’s most famous francophone musicians, and might just be crazy enough to pull it off. Check out recordings of Arnaud’s live performances here. We also made a Spotify playlist where you can kick back and listen to some of Jacques Brel’s greatest hits.

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  2. Episode 16: Rêves d’une Karateka (Karate Dreams)

    For many years, Valérie struggled with feeling different from the other students at her karate school in Montreal. But after learning she had Asperger's syndrome, Valérie’s new self-knowledge inspired her to work even harder toward achieving her karate dreams.

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  3. Episode 15: L’aquanaute (The Aquanaut)

    Fabien Cousteau, grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, was just a boy when he fell in love with a creature that most other people fear: sharks. But no one could have predicted that years later, Fabien would do the unthinkable…and decide to live among them.

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  4. Episode 14: La championne du fromage (The Cheese Champion)

    As a young PhD student, Viriginie Dhorne dreamed of becoming a brilliant academic. But after starting a family and finding herself stuck working in her husband’s cheese business, Virginie began to realize that the world of cheese—a world she once hated—was rich with opportunities for people with brains, ambition… and a fierce competitive streak.

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