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  1. Episode 10: La chasseuse de la particule (The Particle Hunter)

    After earning a PhD in nuclear physics in Europe, Dr. Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli returned to her native Morocco to teach and raise a family. But when she learned her former colleagues were embarking on the scientific quest of the century, she hatched a plan to join them—and give her country the scientific credit it deserved.

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  2. Episode 9: Le pouvoir du foot (Soccer Power)

    Ever since France won the World Cup in 1998, Marine Rome yearned to play soccer, but felt excluded from the field. When she finally found her dream team in Paris, they decided to take a stand for inclusion at the 2019 World Cup.

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  3. Episode 8: Comment je m’appelle ? (What’s My Name?)

    Growing up in France, Hong Dagognet rarely spoke with her adoptive parents about her childhood in Vietnam. But after receiving a surprising letter, she set out to reconnect with her family and finally unveil the mysteries of her past.

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  4. Episode 7: La mélodie de la Martinique (The Sound of Martinique)

    In everyday sounds, Christophe Chassol hears the makings of a song. That refined ear led Chassol to become a renowned musician, and develop a new genre of music. But it was only by returning to his parents’ birthplace in Martinique that he would be able to create his masterpiece.

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