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  1. Episode 19: Le Top Chef (The Top Chef)

    Gratien Leroy is a small-town accountant with big culinary dreams. But when France’s most popular cooking show announces an open call for the country’s best amateur cooks, does Gratien have what it takes to join the ranks of his country’s top chefs?

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  2. Episode 17: En scène avec Jacques Brel (In the Spotlight with Jacques Brel)

    Arnaud Askoy has already had three different careers when, at age 43, he discovers his true calling: singing. But not his own music. Arnaud plans to launch a career impersonating Jacques Brel, one of the world’s most famous francophone musicians, and might just be crazy enough to pull it off. Check out recordings of Arnaud’s live performances here. We also made a Spotify playlist where you can kick back and listen to some of Jacques Brel’s greatest hits.

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