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  1. Episode 86: Paris - Les Catacombes interdites

    Photographer Gaspard Duval has a growing archive of the historic Paris Catacombs, a network of tunnels and burial grounds underneath the city of Paris. He navigates the underground labyrinth to highlight his favorite spots, from the official tour area to secret chambers that are forbidden to the public.

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  2. Episode 85: Paris - Notre-Dame à travers le temps

    Olivier Chandez was the official clocksmith of the Notre Dame Cathedral. He tended to its antique central clock until a fire set the Cathedral ablaze in 2019. Olivier will take us back to a time before the fire for a special tour of one of the world’s most beloved Parisian landmarks.

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  3. Episode 84: Paris - Visite du Marais

    A longtime resident of Paris, Pascal Fonquernie, walks us through his historic neighborhood, Le Marais, sharing its unique history and shining a light on the different communities who live there.

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  4. Episode 83: L'enfant prodige de la mode (The Fashion Prodigy)

    Alphonse Maitrepierre is a talented young designer who worked his way up to many established fashion houses in Paris. After learning from the best, he wanted to design clothes that reflected his vision and commitment to sustainability. But would the fashion world embrace him?

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