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  1. Episode 14: La championne du fromage (The Cheese Champion)

    As a young PhD student, Viriginie Dhorne dreamed of becoming a brilliant academic. But after starting a family and finding herself stuck working in her husband’s cheese business, Virginie began to realize that the world of cheese—a world she once hated—was rich with opportunities for people with brains, ambition… and a fierce competitive streak.

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  2. Episode 13: Héros malgré eux (The Unlikely Heroes)

    Kilian Belamri’s loitering habits weren’t much appreciated among the residents of his housing project in Malakoff, south of Paris. But when his neighbors found themselves in grave danger late one evening, Kilian and his friends did the unexpected—and became heroes overnight.

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  3. Episode 12: L’amour après le deuil (Love After Grief)

    While on a day trip with his senior citizens club, Raymond Silvestrini survived one of the worst traffic accidents in France’s history. But after meeting Monique, a fellow survivor, his life took another unexpected turn—this time, for the better.

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  4. Episode 10: La chasseuse de la particule (The Particle Hunter)

    After earning a PhD in nuclear physics in Europe, Dr. Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli returned to her native Morocco to teach and raise a family. But when she learned her former colleagues were embarking on the scientific quest of the century, she hatched a plan to join them—and give her country the scientific credit it deserved.

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