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  1. Episode 151: Duo’s Film Club - Fresa y chocolate

    For today’s episode, Duo’s Film Club has a cult classic from Cuba, Fresa y chocolate, which broke barriers in the world of cinema. It tells the story of two unlikely friends and sends a powerful message of acceptance and diversity, while showcasing Cuba’s amazing culture and the warmth of its people.

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  2. Episode 150: Duo’s Film Club - Coco

    Today Duo’s Film Club is featuring an animated film for the whole family. It’s Coco, a vibrant tale about traditions like el Día de los Muertos, mariachi music, and the importance of family. Join our host Martina Castro and guest Mauricio García as we explore this Oscar-winning treasure of Mexican culture.

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  3. Episode 149: Duo’s Film Club - Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios

    It’s impossible to talk about Spanish-language movies and not talk about the one and only Pedro Almodóvar, the Spanish director and icon of cinema. So, for today’s session of Duo’s Film Club, we’re going to introduce you to Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios, a screwball comedy that takes us inside Almodóvar’s dramatic and colorful universe.

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  4. Episode 148: Duo’s Film Club - Como agua para chocolate

    Today's film has all the makings of a classic Mexican telenovela: forbidden love, revolution, delicious food, and a dash of magical realism. Como agua para chocolate is a treasure of Mexican cinema that pays homage to the country’s rich cuisine and culture.

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  5. Episode 147: Duo’s Film Club - Wild Tales

    Duo’s Film Club goes to Argentina for Relatos salvajes, a thought-provoking dark comedy. With a stellar cast and biting social commentary, the movie explores human behavior when it’s pushed to its limits and showcases Argentina’s unique humor and culture.

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