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  1. Episode 46: El paraíso del chef (The Chef’s Paradise)

    Rodrigo Pacheco worked in some of the world's best restaurants, but he never truly felt like the chef he aspired to be until he found himself far from the culinary scene on the Ecuadorian coast. That's where his quest to build a 100% sustainable restaurant began.

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  2. Episode 44: Estar en las nubes (Head in the Clouds)

    Eréndira Sánchez is a young skydiving apprentice in Mexico when a world-famous skydiver offers her a chance to train at his facility in the U.S. But after a tragic accident, Eréndira is forced to choose between a life of freedom in the sky or one of safety on the ground.

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  3. Episode 43: Drag queen de nacimiento (Born to Drag)

    In 1980s Quibdó, a rural, Afro-Colombian city, homophobia was a part of everyday life. But when Erlin Mena found the courage to put on heels and dance in drag, he helped create a thriving queer community that endures to this day.

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  4. Episode 42: La rebeldía mariachi (The Rebels of Mariachi)

    Growing up as the daughter of a mariachi, Mireya Ramos learned early on that mariachi was a male-dominated world. But after moving to New York City, Mireya decided to challenge tradition and create an all-female mariachi group, opening doors for other musicians and redefining the genre.

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