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  1. Episode 71: El golpe (The job)

    It's the version of the heist you haven't yet heard: the day of the robbery, from the thieves' point of view. Hear the play-by-play of what really happened inside the Río Bank on January 13, 2006. With everything planned down to the smallest detail, what could go wrong?

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  2. Episode 70: El plan (The Plan)

    The mysterious mastermind assembles a band of thieves to rob a bank without firing any shots. For a year, the gang thinks through every single detail. But can they really trust one another to pull off such an elaborate scheme?

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  3. Episode 68: La caza (The Hunt)

    The police have finally put together how the robbers vanished with the loot. Yet despite several leads, agents are struggling to arrest any suspects. While the police try to keep their investigation secret, the reporters will learn that the thieves left behind a mysterious clue.

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  4. Episode 67: El robo (The Robbery)

    In January 2006, a group of thieves entered a bank in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in what appeared to be just a regular theft. But soon, it became clear that this would be unlike any crime Argentina had ever seen. In part one of our first ever serialized story about one of the most shocking robberies in Latin America, you'll hear from several people who investigated the crime: Journalists Rodolfo Palacios and Maria Ripetta, prosecutor Ariel Apolo, and one of the police officers who arrived on the scene.

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