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  1. Episode 125: The Mystery of the Itata - El engaño (The Deception)

    In this episode we’ll travel back to Chile in 1922 to witness the Vapor Itata’s last voyage. There, we’ll follow Jorge X, a journalist who was heading north to cover a story that would expose the injustices in his country. But all the while, a bigger story was unfolding…right aboard the ship.

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  2. Episode 124: The Mystery of the Itata - El libro perdido (The Lost Book)

    Ricardo Bordones, a Chilean sociologist, discovers that a century ago, a ship sank off the coast of his country, taking over 500 lives with it. When Ricardo starts to investigate the shipwreck, he realizes that almost no one knows about it. So, together with his longtime friend and marine biologist, Carlos Cortés, Ricardo decides to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, to find the Vapor Itata and honor its memory.

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  3. Episode 123: Mexico City - A comer…¡tacos!

    In Mexico City, tacos run the gamut, from late night snack to haute cuisine. As a chef and food tour guide, Yimnah Rosas has tried them all and uses this iconic street food to reveal a deeper side of Mexican culture.

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