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  1. Episode 68 : Traditions iconiques - Summer Vacation

    The French love their long summer vacations, les grandes vacances. But they hate the massive traffic jams that go with them. To help vacation-bound drivers and passengers have some fun on the road, traffic radio host Francine Thomas has to get creative.

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  2. Episode 67: Traditions iconiques - French Gastronomy

    Le repas gastronomique, the true French feast, is a unique part of French culture. Chef Stéphane Ranieri worked his way up the kitchen ranks in some of France’s most prestigious restaurants. Then one day, he decided to take fine dining to a completely different setting: the rugby stadium.

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  3. Episode 66: Traditions iconiques - Perfume

    Perfume is France’s everyday luxury. French people love to wear it, to gift it, but also to create it. When one of France’s foremost perfumers realizes that the perfume-making tradition in his hometown of Grasse is in danger, he vows to defend it.

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  4. Episode 64: La chocolatière (The Chocolate Maker)

    Growing up in Cameroon, Euphrasie Mbamba spent a lot of time on her grandfather’s cacao farm. But it wasn’t until she moved to Belgium that she tasted chocolate for the first time, and understood the power of the fruits from her childhood.

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