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  1. Episode 36: Les rebelles écolos (The Eco Rebels)

    Benji was an idealistic young man full of hopes for his future…until the 2008 financial crisis left him jobless. At a loss for how to lead a good life and earn a living, he decided to join an alternative community, la ZAD, in the west of France.

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  2. Episode 35: La voix de la France (The Voice of France)

    Simone Hérault had the gift of a unique voice, but as a child, she was too insecure to believe in it. Still, her talent and dedication would end up taking her places she never expected…until she became one of the most familiar and beloved voices in all of France.

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  3. Episode 33: L’amour et les chevaux sauvages (Love and Wild Horses)

    At 30, Aliénor Le Gouvello set off to ride solo across Australia’s toughest trails. She gave herself one year to train wild horses and complete the journey. Riding ten hours a day, every day, Aliénor was determined not to quit — not for crocodiles, fire ants…not even for the handsome helicopter pilot she met along the way.

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  4. Episode 32: 38 gamins (38 kids)

    When a devastating earthquake strikes Haiti in January 2010, one of the Island’s most respected public health experts rushes to the aid of 38 abandoned children who have been left without a home. She decides then and there to take care of them, not knowing that the decision will change their lives — and hers — forever.

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