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  1. Episode 6: Le surfeur sans limites (The Surfer Without Limits)

    Eric Dargent devoted his life to surfing — the bigger the waves, the better. He wouldn’t let anything get in the way of his passion, not even a life-altering shark attack. After losing half of his leg, he set out to pursue a new dream, for himself and countless others.

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  2. Episode 5: Le paysan (The Countryman)

    Cédric Herrou lived a quiet life as an olive farmer on the border between France and Italy until he began to offer shelter for hundreds of migrants struggling to cross into France. But when the French state took him to court for his actions, it would take Cédric and a small community of volunteers to convince a nation that freedom should know no borders.

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  3. Episode 4: Le vigneron rebelle (The Rebel Winemaker)

    When Olivier Cousin's grandparents passed away, he promised to honor the winemaking traditions they had passed down to him. But when the French state got involved with his product, he decided to fight to the end for his natural wine.

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  4. Episode 3: Partir du paradis (Leaving Paradise)

    Elodie Lauret yearned to discover what was beyond the island of La Réunion. But when she set off to Europe in search of better opportunity, she realized over time that the island would always be her place to call home.

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  5. Episode 2: Entre deux mondes (Between Two Worlds)

    For a long time, Paris was the only place Alexia Sena considered home. But when Alexia began to wonder how she would pass down her Cameroonian heritage to her mixed-race daughter born in France, she decided to move back to Cameroon with her family in search of the identity she thought she lost.

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