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  1. Episode 6: En el camino

    Fabián Mauricio Martínez discovered his love for travel through his other passion — literature. So when he first read Jack Kerouac’s novel, “On the Road”, he dreamed of crossing the United States from coast to coast as the main characters in the book had. One day, he decided it was time to make the trip his own.

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  2. Episode 5: Helen Brown

    Actress Trinidad Piriz traveled to Berlin to study theater, hoping to fall in love and improve her quality of life. But six months later, she returned home having only accomplished one thing: to get scammed by a woman whose name would forever be etched in her memory — Helen Brown.

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  3. Episode 4: Una chilena en China

    María Elizabeth Soto had never traveled to Asia before her office sent her on a three-week business trip to China. She wasn’t prepared for the culture shock she’d face there. But the real surprise wouldn’t come until she returned home to Chile.

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  4. Episode 3: Memorias y milanesas

    Roberto Herrscher was one of the many Argentinians who fought against Great Britain in the Falklands War in the 1980s. Decades later, Herrscher returns to the islands to confront his memories and ends up making an unlikely friend.

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  5. Episode 2: Sin miedo

    When Belén Fernández Llanos turned 28, she decided to move from Chile to Argentina with her boyfriend of ten years to start a new life together. Belén was ready for an adventure… But the one that awaited her in Buenos Aires would turn out very differently than what she had imagined.

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