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  1. Episode 15: Nuestro Naranjito

    Classifying for the World Cup is an emotional roller coaster for most soccer fans, but in 2018, that was especially true for Peruvians, who hadn’t seen their country compete on the world stage in over three decades. What did it take for Peru to qualify for the biggest event in world soccer? Peruvian fan and writer Toño Angulo Daneri believes it might have all boiled down to an unlikely good luck charm: his 4-year-old son’s favorite toy.

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  2. Episode 14: Piji y yo

    In Perú, writer Marco Avilés and his dog Piji were inseparable. But when Marco decided they should pursue better lives in the United States, and Marco found himself working for a top chef, their bond and sense of adventure would be tested in ways he had never imagined.

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  3. Episode 13: Refugiados

    Stella Forner will never forget her first wedding anniversary. It was March of 1976 and she spent the day at the Mexican consulate in Montevideo, Uruguay, which was in the midst of a military dictatorship. She, her husband and their baby weren’t there for a romantic celebration but to ask for political asylum. They had no idea how long it would be until they again felt at home in their own country.

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  4. Episode 12: Sin vergüenza

    Maria Murriel used to struggle with living between languages and cultures, and for many years tried to hide the accent that marked her as an immigrant in the United States. Eventually, she realized that what she had been treating as a challenge was actually a key part of her identity.

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  5. Episode 11: La voz de la calle

    Fabio Manuppella used to walk by homeless people on the streets of Buenos Aires thinking they must have done something to deserve their fate. Until he had to learn first-hand what it means to lose everything you have.

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