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  1. Episode 12: Sin vergüenza

    Maria Murriel used to struggle with living between languages and cultures, and for many years tried to hide the accent that marked her as an immigrant in the United States. Eventually, she realized that what she had been treating as a challenge was actually a key part of her identity.

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  2. Episode 11: La voz de la calle

    Fabio Manuppella used to walk by homeless people on the streets of Buenos Aires thinking they must have done something to deserve their fate. Until he had to learn first-hand what it means to lose everything you have.

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  3. Episode 10: Los guerrilleros

    María Clara Calle grew up hearing about the atrocities committed by the FARC rebels in Colombia. She never imagined that one day she would not only meet them, but eat and sleep among them, deep in their territory, as they thought about their role in the future of peace in their country.

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  4. Episode 9: La maleta azul

    A mother and her young daughter leave Mexico, escaping violence in search of a better life. It’s a trip with a few unexpected turns that ends up taking longer than planned. But their constant companion was there for them whenever they needed to escape: an old blue suitcase.

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  5. Episode 8: El secuestro

    In 1996, Luis von Ahn left Guatemala to study in the United States and never moved back. That’s partly because of something that happened just before his departure, something that changed his life forever: the kidnapping of his aunt.

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